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The teacher says my child is disruptive in class and he needs to be placed on medication. I'm not sure this is the right thing to do."

"The school insisted that my son be evaluated by a psychiatrist, and now they want to put him on Ritalin. Isn't it an addictive drug?"

"Johnny is more than a "handful" but I don't want my child drugged; are there any alternatives?"

Do these comments sound familiar to you? Perhaps you've had similar questions.

Many parents, friends and relatives are struggling with the issue of children who are overly active, oftentimes inattentive and even diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. This web site is designed to provide information regarding alternatives to the prescription of Ritalin and other "chemical restraints."

This web site will not debate the question of whether or not ADD or ADHD truly exist, although many doctors and mental health practicioners believe it is a disorder "invented" primarily for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists.