Further Information:

www.drugawareness.org A comprehensive news site run by doctors, giving an excellent spectrum of information on Ritalin and other potentially damaging drugs.

US Department of Justice - Ritalin is an amphetamine. Find out just what this means.

DEA Report - A pointed article from 1997 documenting the rise of Ritalin in schools.

Information on Alternate Courses of Treatment for ADD/ADHD:

Please note: The information in these pages is passed on to you as is. By noting the information, we are making no medical recommendations, nor are we implying any warranty on the products or services as they are presented by the authors. We recommend and encourage you to seek out information to make the appropriate decision for your child or student.

Dr. Weil - This bestselling author and renowned M.D. opens doors to other means of addressing ADD and ADHD symptoms.

www.alternativementalhealth.com - Drug free treatments that get results.

www.brainbalancecenters.com - Holistic view of your child & non-medical approach

www.healthysource.com - Offering a nutritional supplement for help in treating ADD/ADHD.
National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children. Includes information on testing your child.

​a​b​o​u​t​.​c​o​​m​ - A gifted child may be mistaken for ADHD

www.blockcenter.com - Treating ADHD -ADD without drugs.

www.pointofreturn.com - Experts in prescription drug withdrawal.

Your Legal Rights:

What are your legal rights: www.cchrint.org/issues/childmentaldisorders/

The Right to be informed
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